Review case study Ericsson's negotiations Chinese telecommunications organisations. write a Discussion posting describes Ericsson effective ineffective approach cross-cultural management. In explaining answer, make specific reference cultural dimensions: communication, ethics, relationships, marketing, human resource management, cultural characteristics ( models studied) specific Swedish Chinese culture.

Ericsson's Negotiations with Chinese Telecommunications

Ericsson being among the world leader in telecommunication sought to sell part of its operation in China and a joint venture of its establishment. At the time of the negotiations, Ericson's sales in the global market were U.S.$26 billion with 30% share in global mobile infrastructure. In china the corporation market share was 40% (Blackman, 1997). The initial investment of Ericsson in china was through desk telephone handsets to Shanghai. From this the country has continued to invest in China and also opened up representative office. This has seen the relations between China and Ericsson grow explosively...
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