Gender on Concussion Reporting in Division 1 College Athletics

Joesaar, H., Hein, V., & Hagger, M.S. (2011). Peer influence on young athletes' need satisfaction, intrinsic motivation and persistence in sport: A 12-month prospective study. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 12(5), 500-508.

Prior research has demonstrated that teens play a critical role in helping establish the motivational atmosphere of their sports teams. Motivational environments with supportive peers have a greater association with behavior patterns in teen athletes than individual ego orientation. Therefore, the type of training climate facilitated by the coach can help determine the team's success.

Hypotheses / Research Questions

The aim of the study was to examine the role of a peer-created motivational climate in place of an adult-leader created motivational climate. The second purpose was to test a four-stage causal sequence model. The hypothesis was that the peer motivational climate would influence athletes' perception of need satisfaction for...
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