Environmental Issues Faced in 21st Century Aviation


Communication and Coordination

Tools and Metrics

Technology, Operations and Policy


Aviation and the Environment

Effects on the health

Local Air Quality

Climate Change

Total Climate impacts from aircraft


Mobility, Economy and National Security

Interactions between Government, Industry and Groups

Aviation Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Economic Impact

SPCC Regulations

Local Airport Issues

De-icing Fluids

A Framework for National Goals

Realities and Myths


Recommended Actions

Environmental Issues Faced in 21st Century Aviation

Environmental awareness in regards to 21st century aviation among the public and politicians has been growing ever since the 1960s. It turned out to be extensively documented that human activities were having damaging and large-scale effects on the environment (Suzanne & Fallacaro, 2011). Engineering and scientific research is also playing a growing role in both protecting and understanding the environment. Research has established the significance of the environment to human...
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