Ordinary People

In life, there are a number of conflicts that will affect the way everyone is interacting with each other. Ordinary People is the classical example of this. It is about an upscale family in Lake Forrest, Illinois (i.e. The Jarrett's). They are dealing with the death of their oldest son named Buck. He is represented as a larger than life character, which everyone adores and looks up to. After Buck's death, his younger brother (Conrad) attempts suicide. This is because he blames himself for what happened and has trouble adjusting. His parents (Calvin and Beth) want the family to have a normal life again. (Schwary & Redford, 1980)

However, this does not taken place, as Conrad returns from spending time in a mental hospital (after the attempted suicide) and tries to adjust. In the process, a series of deep ceded conflicts are brought to the surface. This occurs...
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