It is this process of dehumanization of the colonial populations that justifies their own imperialistic behavior. In a similar manner, the human psyche may really be incapable of the kinds of structures and deeds necessary to subjugate a population. In order to do so, then, the colonial population slips into a sense of unreality and justification, accelerating dehumanization in order to allow for colonial subjugation (Fanon, 108, 171-4).


Achebe, C. Things Fall Apart. New York: Anchor Books, 1994.

Achebe's first novel, is a story centered in an African village of the late 1880s. At this time, European missionaries and other outsiders have not arrived and the Tho clan lives much as it has for hundreds of years. Leadership and status are based on a man's personal worth and what he contributes to the tribe. The main character in the book, Ohonkwo, is well-respected and has just the qualities of...
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