A key celebration in the village invites a festive dance in which the performers fall into a stupor and try to stab themselves with knives (Heinrich, 2005 p. 78). Rituals in life are pertinent events for religious display and artistic expression. Events of puberty, marriage life and burial offer opportunities for Balinese to express their notions regarding statuses, society and the afterlife.

The Balinese denomination organizes their faith in a hierarchical manner with a small portion of the aristocracy, the Brahmans or priestly classes being the highest in rank. Brahman priests have no association with any temple but act as spiritual figures, leaders and advisors to families in several homesteads distributed throughout the island. People consult the priests when celebratory events requiring holy anointment water emerge. In other instances, individuals may hire doctors and traditional healers.

Buddhism in Indonesia

Buddhism in Indonesia in the 1990 period was the unbalanced product...
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