Question 2) Find the total number of shipments to VA from Bonny including mean average numbers.

Bonny is a port located in the most eastern part of the Gulf of Guinea. It was considered to be a favorable place for transacting slave purchases. It attractiveness included:

The ability to purchase yams for feeding the slaves on the middle passage,

The predictability of slave availability based on the agricultural calendar

The organized slave trade with slaves brought to market from non-coastal areas after harvest

And, the stability of the government, which allow the trades to provide trade goods to the slave merchants prior to receiving the slaves without pawnship as collateral.

Between 1727-1769 X ships arrived in Virginia. Of these, seven ships came from Bonny, carrying 1,453 slaves for a mean average of 208 per ship. Like question one, there are some ambiguities to question two: shipments of what and what...
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