Cisco SAFE's Network Security Planning

Network Security

Cisco SAFE

Cisco SAFE has significantly help in securing large internetwork that has remain a daunting challenge; this complexity has been facilitated through cloud computing as well as social networks. Cisco SAFE architecture offer guidelines of design and implementation which are detailed that is used for building secure and reliable network infrastructures as well as the policies supporting them. The guides have been established based on security best practices that have been amalgamated with several hours spent in designing, testing, and documentation.

Since the contemporary organizational environment is full of threats, the target is directed on everything and Cisco SAFE uses defense-in-depth approach to provide the needed security. Systemwide intelligence approach for SAFE tend to address network devices; security of the infrastructure, applications and application servers; endpoints; email; web; databases; storage systems; communications devices; and other servers. This is accomplished through putting emphasis...
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