New methods like the peer-to-peer bump technology and mobile payment systems in offline stores are aimed at the future. EBay has been developing applications for popular devices like the iPad and the iPhone along with specific sections dedicated to clothing, electronics etc. which indicate a positive step towards the future (Donahoe, 2010). Since EBay has its revenues coming mostly from North America and Europe (48% and 41% share respectively), any future decisions made need to be keeping customers from these places in mind (Conneally, 2009).


The performance of EBay has seen several stages of improvement since its launch. The minor weaknesses can be overcome by formulating an approach targeted towards them. These include strengthening the methods to deal with phishing using the EBay brand name, introducing a better content filter to identify undercover illegal auctions and a fair shipping estimator to protect the customers from getting cheated. The international...
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