Academic Level: Senior University Class: World Art Survey Instructions: 1. Choose a peace artwork give a complete description work. For: What material(s) made ?What size? Shape? Color? What depicted? Is object/work intact fragmentary? Damaged? You basically answering question "What ?" detail find.

The present work is focused on undertaking an in-depth analysis of two famous religious paintings: The Virgin and Child by Barnaba da Modena, an Italian painter from the fourteenth century, and The Elevation of the Cross by Peter Paul Rubens, a seventeenth century Flemish artist and diplomat. Following, by comparison, a thorough account of the two works' features, careful observation reveals more than one interpretation.

The Virgin and Child was created by Barnaba da Modena in 1360, and is deemed Gothic in style. It depicts The Virgin Mary holding a Child Christ in her arms, and rests undamaged to this day in Boston's Museum of Fine Arts. In...
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