System Feedback Loops of Whole Foods

Systems model use two basic feedback loops, so-called Balancing and Reinforcing loops, to illustrate the relationships between growth and goals. This paper identifies one Balancing Loop and one Reinforcing Loop that are critical to Whole Foods Market's performance and success. An explanation of each of these feedback loops, including the causal factors and how they affect each other, is followed by a discussion concerning an area of growth for the Reinforcing Loop and goal behavior for the Balancing Loop. An assessment concerning how Whole Foods Market has generated organizational learning and how this organization can go further and generate additional organizational learning is followed by a summary of the research and important findings in the conclusion.

Review and Discussion

Balancing and Reinforcing Loops at Whole Foods Markets

All systems thinking models use two basic feedback loops, Balancing and Reinforcing loops, to depict the relationships...
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