Luther "On Christian Liberty'" Appeal German Nobility. 1.What complaints Papacy "Appeal German Nobility'? 2.Outline Luther's position saving power faith works 'On Christian Liberty'? Do's fair? Reading: Shakespeare Richard II 1.

Martin Luther's "Appeal to the German Nobility" was meant to stand as an attack on Rome with regard to the Catholic Church's failure to support reform. He emphasized three walls of the Romanists in the document and discussed about the reasons why it was essential for society to acknowledge the Church's failure to act in accordance with its early principles.

The first idea relates to how there is no difference between the secular and temporal states and that the Book of Revelation actually supports the belief that baptism enables individuals to act as priests. This first issue was meant to provide the masses with information concerning how priests were little more than functionaries.

The second idea denounces the Pope's authority...
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