Kant, Immanuel. "What Is the Enlightenment?" (1784): Web. .

These are excerpts from journal entries and speeches by Immanuel Kant. He was a renowned German Philosopher, and he was commonly known as being the first to make use of the word enlightenment. During the enlightenment period, he was among the many innovational thinkers. These excerpts will assist in providing brief descriptions of the enlightenment period, as it was a formidable historical context for the French Revolution. Using quotes from Kant, one is able to demonstrate the enlightenment period.

Pinel, Phillipe. "Execution of the King." Letter. 21 Jan. 1793. Exploring the French Revolution. Web. .

This was a letter by Phillipe Pinel who was an observer to the execution of King Louis XVI. This letter will assist in describing the King's execution. There is quote in the letter that indicates the King's death was easy and fast, which demonstrates that he...
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