Kodak and Fujifilm

The history and core business of Kodak and Fujifilm

Kodak and Fujifilm have been the most popular companies in the history of U.S. And world photography industry. Little is known about the history and the existing rivalry between the two companies over the years. Both companies have intriguing historical backgrounds; how they began and how they continue to grow and challenge one another in the industry. Fujifilm was set up in early 1934 with the primary objective of becoming the leading Japanese photographic film producer. After ten years of its establishment, the company produced X-ray films, motion picture films and photographic films. By the 1940s, Fujifilm penetrated into the lens, equipment, and optical glass markets. At the end of the Second World War, Fuji photo entered the diversification market, entering the magnetic materials, electronic imaging, and medical printing fields (Hellriegel, Jackson & Slocum, 2008).

On the other...
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