Apple Inc. Company Analysis

Current situation

Currently, Apple Inc. focuses on designing, manufacturing, and marketing media and mobile devices, digital portable music players and personal computers. The company sells varied related services, software, networking solutions, digital application, content and peripherals. Products manufactured by the company include Mac, iPhone, iPod, Apple TV, different varieties of professional and consumer software, OSX and iOS operating systems, support and service offerings, as well as various iCloud accessories. The company manufactures and markets digital applications and content through Mac App Store, App Stores, and iTunes Software. These products and services are sold globally on the company's online stores, retail stores, and direct selling through sales representatives. They also sell through third party networks such as value added sellers, retailers and wholesalers. Recently, Apple Inc. acquired a new Chomp search engine (Linzmayer, 2008).

Current changes

After the death of Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. has maintained and...
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