Quality Assurance

Section 46.703 of the FAR and criteria or invoking use of the warranty provision in the case of any defect, fraud, or gross mistakes in the goods or services provided

Section 46.703 of the FAR offers an equitable ground where governments can engage in contracts with other governments and/or organizations. It is evident to know that the actions of the Section 46.703 of the FAR are rudimentary and obligatory to safe contracting within governments. Contracting is a tedious activity that should include guidelines and rules for equitable performance. Just like making any other form of contract, FAR ensures that contracts are made within the notion and stability of the parties concerned. In order to eradicate cases of poor contracts and unworthy contracting, FAR laws are made comparative in all measures of performance (Campbell & Campbell, 2007).

It is not a mandatory case to make use of the Section...
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