Homosexuality Biologically Based?


Is Homosexuality Biologically-Based?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that approximately 50,000

new HIV infections occur in the United States every year (Yin, 2013). This number is in addition to an estimated 1.2 million already infection, 1 out of 5 of whom is unaware of his or her condition and, thus, cannot be treated. Gay and bisexual men account for a large share of the infected population. The lack of access to adequate healthcare by this population may be explained by the stigma of homosexuality, in addition to the illness, as among the structural factors (Yin). This brings to focus the chronic and much-debated issue on homosexuality and its basis: whether it is genetic or environmental and thus, a matter of choice.

Summary of Positions

Certain studies conducted have suggested that homosexuality is genetic. One is the LeVay Study, conducted by Simon...
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