Medical Abandonment

In general, the meaning of the term abandonment means the forsaking of one's duty. Thus when a practitioner client relation gets established there is a 'duty of care' which includes the protection of the client, maintain records of the clients, and to always provide the client with due care with maximum application of the physicians skills. If one or all these have been breached, there is deficiency of service. However if the relationship is broken because of non-functioning from the part of the physician then there is abandonment. (Davis, 2008)

Medical abandonment is a concept that is broadly covered under the malpractice laws. Medical malpractice is found to have been taken cognizance of in the British and American laws for a century now. The Second World War and aftermath saw the expansions of the concept and the possibility of physician liability. It also was broadened by the reinterpretation...
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