Volcanoes generally preserved geologic rock record eroded . However, materials erupted volcanoes found preserved rock record. From learned types volcanoes, infer type volcano erupted an area-based type volcanic deposits found layers rock? Give specific examples, briefly discuss materials linked types volcanoes.

Volcanoes are some of the most interesting and at the same time intriguing manifestations of nature. They have been the object of study for decades and all types of technologies were used to either understand the way in which these natural phenomena take place in the sense of eruption or to have a clearer image on the placement in time and geological eras of these structures.

Volcanic mountains or constructions usually are formed as a result of constant eruptions and sedimentation of the lava. However, their height or structure is not necessarily a robust one and most often they erode in time, leaving behind only parts of volcanoes or...
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