Supply Chain Management

True or False:

Coca-Cola's Experience with Inventory Forecasting

Supports the Principles Set Forth by CPFR

In a one-word clear stand: true.

The Collaborative Planning, Forecasting & Replenishment (CPFR®) System promoted by the Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions (VICS) Association (Voluntary Interindustry Commerce Solutions Association, 2011) was piloted between Wal-Mart and Warner-Lambert in April 1996 (Purpura, 1997). Their CPFR collaboration allowed Wal-Mart and Warner-Lambert to jointly evaluate the supply chain in process, particularly regarding "Listerine," a Warner-Lambert product. That joint evaluation and inter-company feedback gave Wal-Mart more accurate selling rates and inventory of the product while giving Warner-Lambert more efficient predictions of amounts, types and times to supply the product to Wal-Mart (Purpura, 1997). Over a period of 5 months, Wal-Mart increased in-stock levels of "Listerine" "from 87% to 98%" (Purpura, 1997) while reducing inventory of Wal-Mart's "Listerine" products by approximately 20% (Purpura, 1997), reducing inventory-related costs. In sum,...
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