Elderly Diabetics

Elderly Hispanic Diabetics

Diabetes is a real problem that affects a significant amount of our population. The death rate associated with diabetes continues to climb yearly, while the death rate of other diseases continues to decrease (ADA, 2010). Diabetes is impairment in the human body that prevents the body from converting glucose to energy. According to the CDC nearly 26 million Americans have diabetes and 79 million adults have prediabetes (CDC, 2010). This is a serious problem and needs further research.

In the Hispanic community Diabetes is a major health disparity. "there is a prevalence and health burden of diabetes, which is greater in older Mexican-Americans than in older non-Hispanic Whites and African-Americans, particularly among elderly men" (Black, Ray, & Markides, 1999). This problem must be analyzed and addressed. There is a definite need for educating this population about the effects of diabetes. Educating this population about the...
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