Sex Gender Sexuality

Sex, gender and sexuality are issues that have been thoroughly explored in various field including criminology, psychology and sociology. The research has revealed important facts related to how sex, gender and sexuality are viewed in society. The purpose of this discussion is to explore Sex, gender and sexuality from a sociological perspective and evaluate the implications for criminology.

Sex, gender and sexuality

According to an article entitled "Sex, Gender and Sexuality," "medical and scientific definitions of male and female are still incomplete. Interestingly, sex is still defined by the gonads. Stedman's Medical Dictionary (2001) defines female as "denoting the sex that bears the young or the ovum" and male as "denoting the sex to which those belong that produce spermatozoa." Women who have had oophorectomies are still considered female. Similarly, men with azoospermia are considered male because, according to the definition, they belong to the sex that...
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