New Deal Program

The Great Depression hit America in ways that affected everyone, from the richest of the country's society, to the poorest of the urban and rural inhabitants. The stock market crashing left many rich society folk with no wealth, the farmers found themselves without any consumers to buy their overabundance of too-expensive products, and the urban families found themselves precariously scrounging for means of survival, oftentimes going hungry for days on end. This situation certainly set forth the cause for governmental involvement, and by 1933, the FDR administration sought to remedy this catastrophe by constructing the New Deal.

The number of the unemployed before the stock market crashed in 1929 was as low as 4%; however, by 1933, this rate had skyrocketed to around 25%. One in four of the working class could not find work, and thus could not support the livelihoods of their families or themselves....
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