Clean Edge Razor Case Study

Paramount Health established itself as a consumer giant with global sales of over $13 billion. Since 2009, it was the unit-volume market leader for non-disposable razor products. However, that category is entering a new phase based on technological innovations, particularly in the super-premium categories. This resulted in the need to continually innovate and improve razor technology. Paramount now must face issues and decisions regarding positioning of new products, alignment with past products, and future expenditures.

Changes in the category? Competition, Strategic life cycle? Technology is the largest driver in the changes to the non-disposable razor product. This has resulted in a sub-category, the super-premium segment, growing faster than expected, and increased competition from other companies with a more innovative technological push causing a true fight for market share. The market is huge, over $1 billion in potential sales in the U.S. alone per annum and...
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