Imprisonment on Individuals, Families, and Communities

Incarceration and its Impacts

"Research has shown that the American prison system -- and the "get tough" approach to crime that has helped increase the incarceration rates -- impacts just the entire society, especially poor communities…" (Shelden, 2004, p. 6).

Incarceration certainly has an impact -- mostly negative -- on the individual that is incarcerated. But what about the family of the incarcerated person? And what about the community where the incarcerated person lived and worked prior to his imprisonment? How are families (including wives ad children) and communities impacted by the incarceration of a member of a family in that community? These issues will be reviewed and critiqued in this paper.

The Influence of Local Politics on the Incarceration of Minorities

It is interesting to note that while the incarceration of individuals has a direct effect on the lives and health of prisoners...
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