Chaos Management

The Chaos Theory of Management is a relatively new theory that has enjoyed considerable study but also endured significant criticism. By examining the Rational Model, Ordinary Management, Extraordinary Management and Chaos Management, the researcher is able to see differing views of the universe and the business world within it. Chaos Management, which is newer than the Rational Model and combines Ordinary and Extraordinary Management, is dynamic and creative. However, Chaos Management is still a relatively young system that has yet to be proven by empirical data.

Rational Model

The rational model is based on the assumptions that the universe is as predictable as "clockwork machinery," that business organizations are also predictable and that good business management can obtain reliable outcomes from the organization (Rosenhead, 1998). According to this model, "good business management" consists of a Chief Executive Officer (COO) heading a united team of management personnel, all of...
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