history evolution health care economics timeline funding, defined terms; Inelasticity, Macroeconomics, supply demand, economics, microeconomics, gross dosmestic product • Include resources. • The paper -- including tables graphs, headings, title page, reference page -- consistent APA formatting guidelines meets -level requirements.

History of health care economics

Throughout the past recent years, the cost of health care has been amounting as a result of numerous social, economic and other categories of pressures, such as the aging of the population, the increasing living standards or the rapid advancement of technology. In this context, the cost of health care in the total gross domestic product is gradually becoming unsustainable for the country.

The economic interest of health care provision was first revealed nearly five decades ago, but at that stage, the analyses were conducted at a microeconomic level. They were taking into consideration limited economic variables and they generated results with a limited...
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