Workplace Privacy Issue:

For a long period of time, the right to privacy, including workplace privacy has been a major controversial issue. In the recent past, workplace privacy issues have become major focal point of debates regarding the rights of employers and employees because of the impact of technological advancements, legislative scrutiny, and rising costs of healthcare. Generally, workplace privacy issues are divided into two major categories i.e. on-the-job and off-the-job privacy issues.

On-the-job privacy issues encompass concerns like psychological testing, drug testing, property searches, and medical testing. They are the most common workplace privacy issues experienced by employees and employers because they are closely linked to job performance and safety. In contrast, the off-the-job privacy issues incorporate a broad range of concerns such as the worker's political activities, recreational activities, and medical treatment as they focus on employee behavior outside the workplace.

Given the significance of workplace privacy issues,...
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