Cloud Computing

Assessing the Risks of Cloud Computing

Despite the many economic advantages of cloud computing, there are just as many risks, both at the information technologies (IT) and strategic level for any enterprise looking to integrate them into their operations. The intent of this analysis is to evaluate three of the top risks of cloud computing and provide prescriptive analysis and insight into how best to manage each. Despite widespread skepticism of cloud computing with many Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and senior executives, its value continues to re-define the enterprise software industry with projections of between 17% to 22% growth through 2015, becoming a $15B segment of the software industry (Blumenthal, 2011). The three top risks of cloud computing include data security and access, data segregation, and regulatory auditing and compliance (Blumenthal, 2011). As many cloud computing platforms are on open source-based operating systems including Linux, security is exacerbated...
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