Identity vs. role confusion occurs from age 12 to 16. This is when the individual will discover fidelity, their sexual identity and they will begin to assume social / occupational roles. Intimacy vs. isolation is when the individual learns to have deep feelings of love and will often become parents. This will last from 18 to 30 years old. ("Personality Development," 2012) (Pressley, 2007)

Generativity vs. stagnation will last from 30 years into old age. In this state, there is a focus on caring for other people, individual occupations, self-perceptions and achievement / creativity. Old age is when the person is considered to be elderly and much wiser. This is where they will integrate the stages from earlier in life to provide specific insights about: themselves, their role in the world and how various events will define the individual. ("Personality Development," 2012) (Pressley, 2007)

These stages are illustrating the importance...
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