Mountain Dew

Is Mountain Dew's advertising campaign directed at the right market segment, does it differentiate the product from the competition, and does it communicate effectively the product benefits? Explain your answer.

Mountain Dew's latest advertising campaign as defined in the recent BusinessWeek article Mountain Dew Wants Some Street Cred (Stanford, 2012) is directed to the right market segment, who are young adults in the 18- to 24-year-olds. The advertising strategy is attempting to reach multiple new audiences while staying solidified on its primary core target market. This strategy will be challenging to accomplish with only Mountain Dew itself, hence the decision to launch Code Red and LiveWire, two new beverages. With these two new beverages, Mountain Dew has a better chance of accomplishing the goals as defined in their advertising campaign.

The foundation of any effective marketing strategy must begin with the actual product and the value it delivers...
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