("Canada Social Security and Welfare," 2012) (Aaron, 1999) (Livingston, 2007)

This is different from Social Security as these areas are not covered. Any kind of assistance for health care would fall under other programs (i.e. Medicare and Medicaid). However, these are only designed to protect those individuals who meet the age and income requirements. To provide assistance for low income families, this would fall under the WIC program (which is used in conjunction with the states). ("Canada Social Security and Welfare," 2012) (Aaron, 1999) (Livingston, 2007)

Moreover, someone who is disabled (in Canada) is eligible to receive long-term care assistance and additional income. Anyone who is laid off and facing financial challenges are provided with a monthly income. Also, there is additional help offered, to someone over the age of 65 years old (who needs extra monthly income). These different programs are paid for from the tax revenues that are...
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