There is also aneed to discontinue all the nephrotoxic drugs as well as the elimination of exposure to any form of nephrotoxins. All forms of electrolyte abnormalities must be properly corrected.Uric acid and pigments can be treated using alkaline dieresis. Alcohol drip and fomepizole should be used for treating methanol or ethyl glycol poisoning.

Postrenal acute renal failure is caused by the obstruction of the urinary collection system which is distal to the kidney.The obstruction is noted to lead to increased pressure in the patient's Bowman's capsule with the resulting impediment of glomerular filtration. Prolonged results ultimately lead to postrenal renal failure. The management of the condition includes the treatment of the various or specific underlying cause (s) such as high blood pressure, trauma or toxins

Intrarenal acute renal failure is caused by the primary dysfunction of the kidney's nephrons, it may however be caused by vascular, glomerular as well...
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