Most normal people that are not aware of the condition of one suffering from the Asperger syndrome might regard him or her as being insensitive.

One of the best methods to instruct Asperger syndrome sufferers how to behave from an early age would be the telling of various social stories relating to activities performed by the respective sick persons. (Frank J. Sansosti, Kelly a. Powell-Smith 2006)

Asperger's syndrome sufferers are not necessarily selfish. it's just that they are unable to understand the fact that they are not the only ones involved in the conversation.

Those suffering from Asperger syndrome usually are inflexible, as they are obsessed with routines. In contrast to one suffering from Asperger syndrome, a normal person is actually aware and might be annoyed by his or her obsession with a certain routine. Asperger syndrome sufferers don't believe that it is unnatural to be fanatically preoccupied with a...
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