The book Rabies, edited by Alan C. Jackson and William H. Wunner is critically reviewed in a peer publication. Rabies is a "comprehensive" discussion about a major global disease, focusing on the history of the disease from ancient times, diagnostic evaluation of animal and human cases, immunological responses to the virus, and public health management recommendations. The reviewer recommends the book for its multidisciplinarity.

8. Scatterday, James E.; Schneider, Nathan J.; Jennings, William L.; Lewis, Arthur L. Sporadic animal rabies in Florida. Public Health Reports 1960;75(10): 945-955.

In 1960, the Florida State Board of Health examined 519 rabid animals, mostly dogs, from 1951-1958. "With the gradual reduction of this disease in dogs and the evolution of an increasingly effective animal bite reporting procedure, the sporadic cases in wildlife have now assumed major importance in Florida." The Board searched for an "inapparent reservoir" of vectors that led to sporadic infections.

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