In addition, a theorized creation period is given, as well as the current location of the statue. However, very little other detail is given for this important piece.

Kortum, R. Warrior Vase. No date. East Tennessee State University. October 16, 2006

The author, a professor at East Tennessee State, gives a brief description of the krater (mixing bowl) pottery from the 12th century BC and now housed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens. In addition, a black and white image clearly depicting the militaristic scene on the piece is presented. The author makes the point of the differences between Minoan and Mycenaean lifestyles at this point in history, through the different typical pottery motifs.

Lahanas, M. The divine madness of the orgiastic Maenad. 2006. Dr. Michael Lahanas. October 16, 2006.

Dr. Lahanas gives a detailed account of Skopas' Maenads. Using Kallistratos' first hand accounts, he clearly expresses...
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