Out of company total fixed assets estimated at €10,002 billion, €3,273 billion is in aircraft and €63 mln.

A more in other tangible assets. The company has extensive fleet and is currently devoted to improving it in all the business segments, including passenger and freight services.

5. Apply the value chain model to Lufthansa. Based on this model, in which activities does Lufthansa have its main competencies?

In 2005, the biggest company generated Value Added was within the logistics and MRO (Maintenance, Repairment and Overhaul) business segments. Also, it services attributed a considerable share to the total company generated and added income.

6. Does Lufthansa have a sustainable competitive advantage in the global airline industry?

Lufthansa currently does not have a very sustainable competitive position within the global airline industry, but the current strategy plan of the company is very competitive and wise and accounts for all the company strengths...
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