It's all the fault, she decided,... Of these absurd class distinctions."

Mansfield blatantly shows us the indifferent heartlessness that the wealthy feel toward the poor, when Laura wants to stop the garden party out of respect for a worker who has died on the road outside their gate:

Oh, Laura!" Jose began to be seriously annoyed. "If you're going to stop a band playing every time some one has an accident, you'll lead a very strenuous life. I'm every bit as sorry about it as you. I feel just as sympathetic." Her eyes hardened. She looked at her sister just as she used to when they were little and fighting together. "You won't bring a drunken workman back to life by being sentimental," she said softly.

Jose (short for Josephine) is heartless, and, of course, a "strenuous" life is a most disagreeable thought for those who live in leisure, if...
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