Cultural Assimilation

According to The Mosby Medical Encyclopedia, cultural assimilation is a process by which members of an ethnic minority group lose cultural characteristics that separate them from the main cultural group (Cultural pp).

In the September 22, 2000 issue of Daedalus, Dorothy Steele writes that the assimilation of millions of immigrants into one society is what defines America, however in the shadows, millions of nonimmigrant minorities, such as African-Americans, Native American Indians, and Latinos, struggle within the mainstream of society (Steele pp). The diversity of immigrants reveals America as a haven for religious, cultural, and political difference, yet at the same time there is an ongoing struggle with difference that is not related to religion or cultural values but a difference in social, racial and ethnic status (Steele pp). The societal settings that are central to a group's movement into American mainstream life, such as schools and workplaces, are...
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