Chaucer's Wife Of Bath Prologue: Analysis Of Characters

Chaucer's Wife of Bath Prologue is perhaps longer than any other portion of the entire work The Canterbury Tales, thus worthy of in depth character analysis. Since the Prologue concentrates its focus primarily on Alisoun, the Wife of Bath, much of the analysis below will focus on Alisoun's character, and her relationship with her four husbands, the other primary characters introduced in this lengthy discourse by Chaucer. Alisoun's character helps shape Canterbury tales and set the basis for exploration into many different themes including women's independence and feminism throughout this bawdy tale.

There are many interpretations of Chaucer's character Alisoun in his work Canterbury tales. This is particularly evident in the prologue, where Alisoun concerns herself with a lengthy and detailed explanation of her life and marriage. It is through this discourse however that one comes to see the character of Alisoun...
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