ve spent all day in school. Your report for tech. writing is due soon. But you think you can crank out a few more pages before you go to work at Marty's Mortuary. So you turn on your computer. You click on the word processor icon to call up your file. Suddenly a strange graphic image appears on your screen. It takes up the entire screen. Your word processor and file disappear behind the image. Your speakers begin to blare loudly. Have you seen too much scary TV lately or is this indeed an image of


Lost Boys stalk the streets with hunger markings on their chests and makeshift weapons. "It's revolting," your tech morality teacher would say. "Their complete disregard for authority is just revolting."

From beyond the safe haven walls of the great City, the dome-protected Obsidian, the rebels have invaded.

The screen blinks with a notice...
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