Business Plans

BSBMGT604A Manage Business Operations:

Main Points:-

(A) Implementation of Tactical and Operational plans. (i) Supply chain of resources to organizations or department set-up and functioning efficiently. (ii) Requirements for skilled labor are fulfilled as per plans (iii) Actions are aligned as per the scheduling needs of plans (iv) Preventive and breakdown maintenance arrangements for business systems are unified into operations (v) Cost maintenance and control systems are executed (vi) Performance measurement systems are checked-up and made functional (vii) Projects are started in keeping up with the project management plan (viii) Co-operation of people, resources and equipment supply produce maximum results. (ix) Products / services satisfy quality and functional specifications (x) Communication / consultation are taken up as per plans (xi) Execution is dependable with the business and strategic plans in place. (Competencies BSMGT604A: Manage Business Operations)

(B)Performance Monitoring: (i) Performance indicators and norms for evaluation are approved and...
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