(Kilgore; Mede, 64)

Of course as a program approaches the end, much interaction have concentrated around how to return to the home environment and foster relationships with positive influences and make positive selections. Boot camps unquestionably generate a scope for the boys to become part of a positive peer environment, and this environment is likely to be one of the keys to each boy's success at the camp. (Kilgore; Mede, 65) Further Boot camps have shown that the society has a great liking for the functioning of the Boot Camps. Against the environment where serving in the military is considered as a valuable gain of knowledge and training, the society also appears to intuitively understand the valuable cause inherent in the programs. (Smylka; Selke, p. 93)

Cons of Boot Camps:

The inmates of boot camp appeared to be less vulnerable to re-offend after liberation in comparison to that of other...
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