Maus 1, Maus

Art Speigelman's works Maus 1 and Maus 2 serve as an exploration of the father and son bond after an traumatic event, the Holocaust and how it influences relationships. These works act as a way to explore such stereotypes about Jews and the aftermath of the Holocaust especially exploring how it affects the next generation.

Such a situation creates many dilemmas for the offspring of the survivors such as guilt, remorse, jealousy and envy. In the case of young Artie, he seems obsessed by the past as if it will shed some light on his father's thoughts and actions. He is plagued by the shadow of an older brother he never knew yet envies because his parents cannot let him go. It seems ironic, almost sarcastic that such a story should be presented in the form of comics but in this method of storytelling Speigelman is able...
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