He introduced the concept of the "Superman" when he argued how this individual is not only the ideal human of modern society, but he is also the model individual, for he was able to transcend the boundaries that morality and religion had put on humanity.

Thus, for him, the "Superman" already existed during his time, though the feat of transcending and not believing in morality can well be under way to a rapidly rationalizing society. Morality for Nietzsche was a spiritual hindrance that prevents people from further pursuing their self-interests in life as they bring into consideration questions and issues about morality. The individual who is able to pursue his/her self-interest without any doubt or hesitation would be the only one who will achieve self-actualization in life, thus becoming the individual which he labeled as the "Superman."

Huxley's "Brave New World" showed a similar change in the order of society;...
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