Vietnam War - Web Sources

Type in 'the Vietnam war' on the Google search engine and 9, 470,000 web sites will pop up. Aside from being the longest war involving American troops, it has become to be known as the most unpopular war.

The first site listed is "The American Experience: Vietnam Online" at provides an extensive detailed history of the war. There are numerous information links on the home page, such as an in-depth introduction, a timeline, a who's who, reflections on the war, and a link called 'In the Trenches' which provides information on the My Lai Massacre, the M.I.A. issue, and a listing of weapons possessed by each side.

It also provides links to the program transcripts of the PBS special, including "

Roots of a War, America's Mandarin, LBJ Goes to War, America Takes Charge,

America's Enemy, The Tet Offensive, Vietnamizing the War, Cambodia and...
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