" Ibsen demanded justice and freedom for every human being and wrote a Doll House to inspire society to individualism and free them from suppression." (http://www.helium.com/items/1121047-henrik-ibsen-dolls-house).

In the play, the family exists in the way society defines it -- a husband, a wife, children and a home; but in reality it is just a collection of strangers living in the same house. For Nora the crisis of blackmail and her husband finding out about the loan and forgery becomes a moment of enlightenment. When Torvald yells at her and does not takeover to save he, she learns that he is not a real husband and she is not valued as herself but for the role she plays in Torvald's efforts to meet society's expectations. Nora turn her crisis into a moment of self-actualization.

For Torvald, the crisis he thought he faced was the consequences of Nora's actions, however, the real...
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