Self-Esteem and Procrastination

There is a substantial amount of indirect evidence presented in the literature that suggests a strong negative correlation between self-esteem and procrastination, such that high levels of self-esteem are generally associated with lower rates of procrastination, less severe or extreme procrastination, and/or lower levels of adverse effects from procrastination (Wolters, 2003; Deniz, 2006; Steel, 2007). Though this research does not establish a causal relationship -- i.e., it does not determine whether a low self-esteem level leads to higher levels of procrastination or if the relationship works in the opposite direction (or indeed, if it works in both directions or if the correlation exists due to an entirely different relationship), the degree of correlation demonstrated is certainly worthy of closer inspection. An examination of the largely indirect information provided by research in the past decade regarding self-esteem and procrastination, as well an analysis of the few pieces...
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