Self-Esteem and Procrastination

Self-esteem is a primary component of each person's life experiences on a daily basis. Self-esteem may be defined as a person's evaluation of themselves, for example "I am not satisfied with myself as a person" or "I like the way I am." Sometime unconsciously, we evaluate ourselves day after day; this is a not a conscious procedure because only the individual realizes the end result. When an individual experiences an emotional "gut feeling," the individual feels either good or bad about themselves. As human beings, we have a fundamental need for motives of self inclusion (Franzoi 59).

Self-esteem operates as a mechanism to aid individuals to ensure that they are carrying themselves properly in a particular situation. Self-esteem runs the gamut from inclusion and exclusion. Human beings are most susceptible to exclusion, as we tend to measure ourselves on a scale from low to high self-esteem. Those...
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