" "Realia" refers to the use of bona fide materials such as magazines, newspapers, signs and advertisements; they can also include maps, graphs, pictures, charts and symbols. Classroom activities are mostly planned to finish tasks that engage students in sharing of information and communicative processes, interaction and negotiation of meaning argues Akerlind 322()

Social Cultural

As much as the social cultural factors within a society cannot be easily changed, there is a need for freedom in the Libyan classes such that the students are able to communicate effectively with their teachers, ask questions without fear of victimization of being branded as rude and the one who lack respect for the teachers Remesal 28.

The society needs to realize that when you fear your teachers, one learns very little to them and one only takes instructions from the teachers, these limits even the basic communication.


Akerlind, G. "Variation and Community...
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